Saturday, 17 September 2016

Our place

I love coming home to our place on a sunny morning, the sun and shadows do lovely things and make it easy to ignore the rampant weeds, punctured footballs, scrappy grass and dog dug holes. Even though this is literally my own back yard, I still didn't  do this from life. Shock horror.  I have watercolour sketched it a number of times in the past, but even then the shadows move too fast for me; the sun would have moved around to the other side of the house by the time I had even squirted out the oils.

Sketching it helped though, as it meant I had looked at and thought about the whole shadow/bounced light/tone thing going on under the porch a number of times. Instead of the usual and usually frustrating attempt to use a big brush and simplify , I used a smaller brush this time and held it far back on the handle and tried to be a bit looser that way. Not unhappy with the result, may explore that approach  a bit further.
Within the next two weeks all the kids will have moved out, and it will just be me and P here - wierd and sad.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Pifco motorist's lamp

L found this little lamp in a charity shop and gave it to P for his birthday - it's ever so cute though I keep thinking he ( yes, it feels like  a he) is a  little bit sad or dejected.

I should have simplified things a bit more  and probably gone a it darker in places, but it's okay. We got a battery and a bulb for it and lo and behold - it works! the light on top even flashes. I thought about painting it with the little front beam shining out, but actually , it took me so long to draw/redraw/undo/rub out etc etc , his poor  battery would have died a slow pointless death. Ellipses and shiny things - yuk.

Friday, 2 September 2016

And again

This will probably be the last time these poor flowers will pose, but I have found doing the same subject again and again to be very helpful. I think these flowers are much closer to what I've been trying to do, they were done more quickly, a bit more surely and required a lot less redoing. Consequently, even though they are older and more tired,  I think they are a bit fresher looking.

The jars are a different story. It wasn't bright to try and do three identical items, especially as accurate drawing isn't my strongest point.  I sort of avoided some of the issues around the tops, and I know the shoulders differ a bit, but not horrendously. I did feel I was learning a lot today as I went along, so very happy with that.

My set up is professionalism in action, I'm thinking of patenting my lamp on top of box on top of book on top of table on top of desk system, there's bound to be a market for it.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

And again

The flowers are getting shorter, I keep cropping bits off, they are still holding up, mainly.  I think my course materials arrive next week, once study starts again, painting will probably stop, so I'm trying to squeeze a few more attempts in.

Same intention re simplicity, flawed, but possibly a bit of progress, slightly, in some areas.


Another attempt at the flowers, poor loves, they are being very patient. Though I approached this fully intending to do only three tones, I started at dark, then mid, but by the time I got to light, the mid was too light, so adjust, then adjust the dark, then the light, then the mid, then lose the plot, then wonder how you got from the idea of simplicity to such faffing and smudging.

I have a feeling that who ever came up with the 'practice makes perfect' notion, missed out some vital information. No matter, still loving trying, it is like trying to get all the pieces of a puzzle together, but always losing a few pieces. Or something like that. 

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sunday morning

I rarely get the paints out on a Sunday, as I hate painting when people are around, but we were around all day with no great plans and I felt like painting, so I  just shouted at anyone who came near me. 

My vase is a bit wonky and my poor flowers just barely fit in the picture, but both are because it is an attempt to look down on a long vase and therefore all sorts of weird foreshortening was at play which was darned tricky.  I was trying like mad to just see darks and lights, and not see individual petals, which works in places, not in others. I'd like to be able to simplify more.

 I think these flowers should last a couple more days, hopefully I can give them another shot. It was P's birthday yesterday - I very thoughtfully, and not at all with an ulterior motive, and not thinking about painting at all at all, and regardless of the fact he doesn't really care about flowers, bought him some for the occasion. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Not so pretty in pink

Sort of an embarrassing effort, but unfortunately  I took a photo before washing this off so it has to go in. I gave up half way through, scrappy attempt at a set up, don't like pink, flower wilted in heat, lost the shape of the glass, got unsure about ellipses when looking down on things, sunny outside, good book on the go, paint on my face - i.e , more than the usual amount of excellent excuses.

Perhaps I need a new hobby. Or just to read books.